Monday, January 28, 2008

OCThen Forum - New Site Feature

I added a web forum to OCThen today.

You can access it here...

You'll also find it linked in the dark-orange horizontal navigation bar above, "Forums".

This is the first time I've managed a web forum, so, it's a learning process for me.

If the forum finds success in getting a lot of users and posts, I may cross post stuff from the forum to the blog. I'll be glad to add new sub-forums for other topics, for example theme parks, cities, schools, etc.

To post a message there you have to have a user account, which is different than the Blogger account that you may have used to post comments on this blog. Note that the blog allows anonymous comments, but the forum does not.

The advantage the forum brings to you as a visitor of OCThen is that you can start new topics, whereas on the blog, only myself and the few bloggers that have signed up, can start new topics.

So, click on over to the new forum, create a user account, and get to posting!


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