Monday, September 10, 2007

UFOs Over Orange County

I don't think I've ever witnessed an "unidentified flying object" while living or working in Orange County; it seems like everything I saw flying in the air was something I could recognize.

Though I'm sure others are convinced they've seen alien spacecraft flying over Orange County.

If you're passionate about beings from outer space visiting Orange County, then you might want to check out a website called, "". They have the complete Project Blue Book online, with scanned images of records, and OCR'ed so that you can search by keyword.

Here's a link to their Project Blue Book start page...

Notice the search box on the far right dubbed, "Search this Title". Enter "anaheim", and you'll get hit several hits. Note that a single sighting of a UFO will encompass several pages, thus each hit that shows from a search may be for the same sighting.

Try entering other names of cities, like tustin or westminster. For cities with two names, use quotation marks, such as "santa ana".

There was even a report of a UFO sighting over Disneyland on November 6, 1957, that was determined to be a hoax.

Below is a photo of a UFO dated August, 1965, taken in Santa Ana, which I found in these files...

Santa Ana UFO
Whether or not you believe intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, it's still interesting to peruse Project Blue Book, and see some weird stuff.


  1. Steve - when my family lived on Wilshire in Santa Ana, some of my siblings and I witnessed a possible UFO one evening. It's funny that I found this section because this last Thanksgiving, my sister and I discussed the UFO we saw that evening. I just remember it was at night, and there were lights revolving around the outer diameter of the "UFO". We weren't really close to it at all, so we don't know if there were any sounds associated with the object we saw. The next day, in the OC Register, there was an article about the UFO, but I don't recall the details. Quite interesting though! I was about 10 or 11 years old at the time.

  2. The more I look at this and allow my eyes to relax, the more I think I am seeing something that was on the windshield. A chip, or some kind of mark, unless of course, there are pictures of it it not taken through glass.

  3. This same photo was featured in a book about UFOs or a UFO documentary on TV (I forget which one) but the writer/narrator said it was in Irvine. For some reason this photo made an impact on me even though I've seen so many UFO pictures and videos. Maybe it's because I've always imagined how it was back then when things were quieter and smaller. A sight like this would have been much more mystical and intriguing when you think about how Irvine was back then.

  4. just watched the history channel, ufo hunters, and they did a program on this,from what they say this is a very postive non hoax event,interesting,no?

  5. Hubcap thrown from somewhere just behind the vehicle by a right handed person...said hubcap was photographed by a person in the passenger front seat.

  6. I got to know Rex Heflin very well. He rented a house on Myrtle near Shelton from my dad for years. I remember very well Rex showing me the actual photographs only days after taking them. At that time he told me he wished he'd never seen it because of all the **** he's gone through. I believe him and I believe his photographs.

  7. It was a great time living in OC during the
    UFO craze. One day around April of 1964 a 3rd grade friend told me that some police officer in New Mexico, saw something get out of a Flying Saucer. (Actual Story). I remember being up most of the night, trying to get the story on the radio, fearing that we were under attack. Too many Saturday science fiction movies on ch 9 and 11.
    That was one of the coolest nights of my life
    listening to the Beatles "I want to hold your
    hand" and tuning on to news casts. I remember
    thinking to myself that "The martins are coming
    and no one is reporting it. ". Past midnight or
    so, I got tired and gave up. The Rex Heflin photos, blew the socks off. Not only were there
    flying saucers, But they were here in Santa Ana. Everyone was going nuts when the Register
    ran the photos. I was in hyper-drive.
    There was also a guy flying a
    airplane with lights that made it appear to be
    a UFO. There was a photo of the plane above
    the Union Bank bldg near the 22 freeway. I collected magazines and books on UFO's then the
    craze died. I did see a UFO back in 1975 out in
    Joshua Tree, I viewed what appeared to be a
    satellite, which split in 2 and flew apart for a few minutes, then it became one again. 3 others saw it a well. I think if the Aliens
    would attack, it would have been way cooler
    back then. Santa Ana vs the Martians.

    I believe in U.F.O's i've seen them
    people dont believe me. they think im crazy.
    but ill i got to say is

  9. I was 12 and my cousin was 8....1965... before dark. We both saw a silver metal saucer flying low in the sky. No sound. Floated across the sky and out of sight. I know what I saw. Im 57 now...and have never forgotten it. Neither did my cousin.


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