Thursday, December 05, 2013

Caves at Irvine Park

irvine park
Photo courtesy of the Orange County Archives
An anonymous OCThen reader seems to recall exploring some caves at Irvine Park in the 1950s and 60s...

"I grew up in Santa Ana in the 1950's - 60's. I remember so many of these great memories posted. It really brings me back! I'm wondering if anyone remembers the Caves at Irvine Park? My parents took my sister and I most weekends and we would crawl around and explore these fantastic caves. Also at the park were holes in the ground where tarantula's lived. Sometimes people would pour oil (believe it or not) down the holes in order for them to come up. Then would trap them in cages, and I guess sell them."

I've never heard of them.

There is the "Robber's Cave" at Aliso Woods Canyon, but that's much further south.

Can anyone else add to this?


  1. I remember the caves. I think they were across a stream bed at the edge of the park. They also had a miniature golf course and a train ride near the old entrance to the park.

  2. Yes there were sandstone caves on the north eastern edge of the park worn out by the wind and rain. As time has progressed and the heavy use of the park the structures have collapsed. The sandstone cliffs remain a popular spot for vandals to carve names into to this day. Tarantulas still can be found but not in as great a number in the past. They are protected now in the park and taking them is a crime.

  3. I believe there used to be ravens there as well.


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