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The Sounds Royale Show

The Sounds Royale Show was a band that played at various venues in Orange County in 1973. Rick Kern, their dummer, percussionist, and vocalist provided us with a photograph and some background info about the band...

We played in the Orange County area in 1973. The places that we appeared were The Newporter Inn in Newport Beach, The Disneyland Hotel, The Golden Pheasant in Anaheim, Hyatt Regency San Francisco, Reuben's Paddle Boat in Newport Beach and Charlie Brown's in Huntington Beach. We were the first show group to grand open the Charlie Brown's. This was also the last place that The Sounds Royale (as this combination) played together.

The group consisted of:

Newport Beach resident Tedd McKeever-keyboards, trumpet, arranger, leader

El Paso, Tx. resident Sam Stephenson-guitarist, vocalist

El Paso, Tx. resident Gayle Hageman-bass guitar, vocalist, he was later replaced with Huntington Beach resident Wayne Mills-bass guitar, sax, vocalist

Orange County resident Debbie Wilson-vocalist/flute

El Paso, Tx. resident Rick Kern (that's me on the bottom right) drummer, percussionist, vocalist.

This was a very unique group that performed everything from the Four Freshman to the rock opera Tommy. The group disbanded due to individual goals and future endeavors. The group was booked by The Agents in Hollywood (Dorise Vance). Howard King was also involved with some of our bookings.

I am looking for anyone that may have pictures of some of the performances of The Sounds Royale Show, particularly of the Charlie Brown's Restaurant in Huntington Beach. I am putting together a CD of our last four shows there and would like to have a picture of the Charley Brown's sign or pictures of us performing there for the last time. Please contact me (Rick Kern) via e-mail at: winmkt2@swbell.net.
The Sounds Royale Show


  1. Hey Steve,

    I'm Sam Stephenson, guitarist/vocalist with the Sounds Royale. I have attached a scanned image of a Charley Brown's Brunch menu I didn't realize I had. I have forwarded it to Rick Kern already but, thought you'd be interested in it.

    As information, I now live in Spring, TX, just north of Houston.

    Also attached, is a scanned image of a postcard of The Golden Pheasant, another venue Sounds Royale performed at. I apologize for the condition of the front of it. The lines are from the page of my photo album. The two photos are of Sounds Royale performing at the Golden Pheasant.

    Great website. It brings back memories of when I lived in OC 1973 - 1976.


  2. Hi again Steve,

    I located my planner from my gigs and here are the dates Sounds Royale played in Orange County.

    Newporter Inn
    Newport Beach
    Sunday, December 09, 1973

    Golden Pheasant
    Monday, February 04, 1974 - Saturday, March 30, 1974

    Charley Brown's
    Huntington Beach
    Tuesday, April 02, 1974 - Saturday May 11, 1974

    As information, I began working with a local group, Vern Jackson and Changes on May 20, 1974. We mainly played the Ye Olde Yeoman Club at the Sheraton Anaheim.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and may you have a veryMerry Christmas.

    Sam Stephenson

  3. Hi Steve,

    As I mentioned in my last email, I began working with a local group in Orange County, Vern Jackson and Changes after Sounds Royale bid farewell. I mentioned we mainly played at Ye Olde Yeoman at the Sheraton-Anaheim. I was incorrect. It was called The Happy Yeoman. Hey, I was close after 32 years. I worked with Vern for a couple of years. I returned to
    El Paso, TX in August of 1976.

    I was in Anaheim this past July and visited the Sheraton. Still looks the same on the outside but, man, has it changed inside. The night club is gone.

    Attached are a couple of memorabilia items. We, Changes, played in the Fiesta Village (outdoor stage) at Knott's Berry Farm the Summer of '74.

    The band promotional photo was taken, as you can see, in front of the Knott's train.

    Left to right: Johnny Higgins - keyboards, keyboard bass, vocals; Vern Jackson - lead vocals; Steve Jacobs - drums, vocals; yours truly Sam Stephenson - guitar, vocals.

    I hope some of this information is useful for your website.

    Have a great Holiday !


  4. Hi Steve,
    Tedd McKeever here. I want to thank you for posting the information on the Sounds Royale. To this day, I can only say that of all the entertainers that I have worked with, Debi, Rick, Sam and Wayne were then, and always will be, my favorites! What more can a band leader ask for that to work with the best of the best!!!
    Thanks again,

  5. If anyone has an issue with Ted McKeever, take it up with him personally. Keep your crap off my site!

  6. I knew Tedd and the SR when they were in Memphis ages ago.. maybe in the early to mid 80's playing at Reuben's

    I used to go hear them after I got off from playing my own gigs. They were the last of the great lounge bands in the classic sense of the word.

    I was very close to their female vocalist Kris Coleman.. Does anyone out there know where she is or if she is still around? She had roots in Reno and Phoenix. We totally lost touch. I'd love to catch up with her and say hello.

    Later, a high school friend of mine, Paula Dowling, replace Kris when she left the band.

    Tedd & SR moved on and I totally lost touch of them.

    I remember, they had a guitar player named Dana and heard their drummer was in a horrible accident of some sort. I don't remember his name. I think he was replaced by a guy named Dave Malone.

    Steve, thanks for the site.

    And, Tedd if you happen to see this, drop me a line.

    Pete V.

  7. Hello Sam - this is Jo Gee formarly Jo McKeever - yes the one that used to travel with
    the band - with the baby! Well
    that baby is now all grown up,
    just had a baby of his own and
    certainly no supprise plays many
    instruments and yep has a band.
    You can see him and hear him on myspace Somedays Best is the name of his band and his my space page.

    I sent him ths link to you page so he can see some history on his dad. So thanks


  8. Hi, This is Dana Tapp. I played with Sounds Royale 1976 thru 1981. I was in Memphis at Reubens with Kris, Steve and Tedd. Great times and tight band! I now have a music store Tapp's in lancaster, Calif. tapp99@verizon.net

  9. Jo,

    Sorry it's taken a long time to respond to your message. I hadn't checked this site in quite a while. Happy to hear from you. Congrats to your son.

    Sam Stephenson

  10. Hello,

    My name is Frances McKeever. I'm Tedd's second daughter out of the four he had with Sandy McKeever (his wife until he passed away). I put his name into google to see if there was anything about him and this came up. I loved hearing daddy's stories about the band, and the music he made with yall.

    Daddy passed away back in April of this year (2011) of lung cancer that spread to his spine and brain. My dad and I were very close, I was deffinately a daddy's girl. I was pregnant with his granddaughter when he passed away so he never got to see her. But I'd love to show with yall if you like.

    Thank you so much for posting this. I miss my daddy so much. I still hurt, but I know he's with me in my heart. My birthday is in 7 days (nov 23rd), I'll be 28. I would call him for my birthday and visit. This year is going to be very hard for me, but knowing there are people who love him and love to show his talent to the world helps.

    Frances (Frankie) McKeever


  11. Hi Rick, did you ever put together that CD? I think his son Tedd AKA TJ might like to have a copy and any other memorabilia you might be able to make a copy of. My e-mail is ckeepers@mindspring.com.

    Jo McKeever Gee


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