Saturday, April 30, 2005

Orange County Rocks!

Ok, so I admit it, I have been watching American Idol!

But I need someone to explain the voting to me. Having grown up in Orange County, maybe I just have developed a different taste for music. In the late 70s my friends and I used to go to places all over the County to listen to live bands. This was before DISCO. Any restaurant with a bar and enough room would setup a stage, and would have a live band from about 9 PM until closing on Friday and Saturday night at least. Some charged cover charges, but most did not. Black Angus, Charlie Browns, Rubens, Grannys Attic, El Torito, Red Onion, Orange County Mining Co, Bobby Mc Gees, and many more. The names of the bands are a blur but since so many places had bands. There were many situations where you could leave your car parked and walk to another place for a band you liked better.

This brings me to question the accuracy of the vote tally on American Idol. If I had come to a place for the evening and when the band started playing Scott Savol was the lead singer; there would have been a MASS EXODIST to the next place with a band. I guess that with the popularity of Karaoke, it gave people like Scott the impression that ANY ONE can sing. But I have to tell you if the band had a magnetic lead singer like Constantine Maroulis, a fan would soon find that they would have to leave Orange County to hear the band. It was not uncommon for OC bands that brought huge crowds to wind up appearing at some of the dance clubs on the Sunset Strip. (Yes, we did drive that far to hear them)

So I cannot speak for the whole United States as to how they define a pop idol, but those of us in Orange County would not see a picture of Anthony Fedorov singing Celine Dion. If I were Constantine Maroulis, I would question the working condition of the phone lines coming from the Southern California area. Orange County Rocks! (No matter what their age!)

Oh, and the American Idol Season ended at our house last Wednesday night!!!


  1. WOW! I did a search on the Japanese Deer Park and was floored when I came across your site. Can't wait to come back and read more. I've lived in OC most of my life (36 of my 45 years)and am hoping someone posted about Lion Country Saffari.

    I'll be back.

  2. Does anyone know where I can have my 50th birthday party, eat and dance to disco?? in Orange County or, Long Beach??

    Please comment.

  3. Where can we go to celebrate my 50th and dance to disco??

    If you know, please comment.


  4. the most important movement in music in the latter part of the 20th century has deep roots in orange county. i am refering to the punk rock movement .
    while most only saw "scary weird people with mohawks" what really was going on was an art movement that has no compare. a rebellion of sorts against the excesses of disco and the garbage played on stations like the mighty 690 and kfi.
    while it may have been fun to go see coverbands at a mexican resturaunt something that still is regarded as legendary was taking place in the 80's in orange county.
    to anyone "in the know" the words
    "o.c. punk" make spines tingle and
    and inspires awe around the world....

  5. OC does indeed ROCK and always has. I saw a little band called Chicago Transit Authority play on the back of a flatbed trailer for the grand opening of the White Front on Bristol in Costa Mesa. I heard the powerful voices of a pair of sisters in a band called Heart at the Arlington Theater on the OC fairgrounds long before Pacific Amphitheater was built. I heard a brand new "experimental" band named Ambrosia at a club in Costa Mesa called Harpos that was formerly Pier 11. It had tellephone poles that looked like pier pilings stuck in the ground around the front of it. As Harpos it was run by former Cottonmouth drummer Sam Sinopoli and partner. I think his name was Steve. Also saw a 50's cover band called Flash Cadilac and the Continental Kids there. Sam's own Band Cottonmouth used to play there when it was Pier 11 all the time and would "leave my name at the door" so I could get in free. Too much fun.

  6. Does anyone recall a "record store" on State College in Anaheim that I think was called 'Leo's"? It was in the early 1970's- maybe 1974, you could buy LP albums for $2.99.The other stores- Licorice Pizza and The Wherehouse would sell them for $5.99.

  7. I remember Leo's Stereo. My friend and I used to walk or ride our bikes there to buy music. Leo's was on State College near South Street. I remember buying my first Elton John album and I also recall walking to Leo's the day Nixon won the election.

  8. Hey, alot of good music came out of Orange County. Stone Temple Pilots was one but as early as the late 60's there was alot of really good music. Rhythm Rockers, The Young Men, Blue Boys, Chantays, Righteous Bros. and a host of others.I even played at Pier 11 in 1968-69 in a band called Chicago Transit Authority until we found out there was another band with the same name signed with a record label so we changed it to Rapid Transit and later Bradfords Uncle. We also played The Attic and Finnegans Rainbow. There's so many bands and musicans that came out of that area and time that it would make a book to put it all on paper. Any volunteers?

  9. And for sure lets not forget REDEYE what a group this was! made a bunch of music in most of all the hot spots in OC, played Carnige Hall did back up comps for some of the bigs of the era! Red Rock, Dave Hodgkins, whatta time, whatta era! Cant go back to what it was, always hope these times are remembered

  10. My good friend Mark St. John... given name Mark Norton, born in Hollywood but raised in Good ol Garden Grove, you all know played guitar with Kiss for a short period of time, but was very well known in OC as a very good guitar teacher, passed away almost two years ago in April.

  11. Check out myspace/

  12. Does anyone remember a rock band in the 70's with a lead singer named Jerry Cavanaugh?? He had a garage band and would play at everyone's parties, they were excellent. Mostly in the Tustin/Newport Beach area.


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