Monday, March 28, 2005

Will this improve your QUALITY OF LIFE?

It has finally happened; developers from the BIG CITY have finally realized that there is a need to improve the quality of life here in Orange County. After hours and hours of in depth research a report was compiled to determine what was lacking in the lives of residents of the Tustin, Irvine, South East Santa Ana area. Many recommendations were developed into a plans that was submitted to the Tustin City council, and one was finally selected. Friday ground was broke at the corner of Jamboree and Barranca in Tustin on a portion of the former marine base.

Besides "life-style retailers", the plan calls for movie theaters, "upscale dining," cafes, specialty retailers and specialty grocers, The Vestar Development Company also determined a need for promotional stores that will also be built. And to make sure there would be enough traffic in the area, another portion of the project will create 4,600 new housing units, and SIX MILLION SQUARE FEET OF COMMERCIAL SPACE.

When this is completed...

will you life be perfect in EVERY WAY???


  1. I remember reading in the newspaper several years ago, that before any homes could be built on the Tustin Marine Base, extensive cleaning would be required. This is because over the decades, oil, fuel, battery acid, paint strippers, and other chemicals used by the Marines had seeped into the ground, causing contamination.

    When construction gets underway, the ground will get churned up, and much of this contamination will resurface. While I will bet that plots of this land will be very valuable, I don't think I would want to live on it.

    The State of California has a report online about the tests conducted on the soils at Tustin MCAS. Anyone thinking about buying property here should read this first.

  2. Hey, what is a "life-style retailers"? Is it like "Cross Dressers R Us"???


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